Dr Niki Lehman


Dr. Niki Lehman is a York, PA native who has been serving South Central PA  for two decades as a Chiropractor.  She began her own journey seeing a chiropractor while participating in competitive swimming as a child.  As an accomplished swimmer, Dr. Niki realized the importance chiropractic care played in achieving her great success as she competed for York Suburban High School, and then as a division I level athlete at North Carolina State University,  

Health, fitness and nutrition have always been major motivators for Dr. Niki.  Chiropractic care was an avenue for her to help others achieve their own health goals, and also to live actively and maintain healthy lives. 

Dr. Niki is  graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and is valued by her patients for her ability to identify the root causes of pain and address them successfully.  Her holistic approach includes structural integration, balancing chiropractic adjustments, myofascial techniques, individualized exercise protocols, proper body mechanics as well as implementation of nutritional health strategies.  All of these factors are important when caring for each patient in order to lay a solid foundation for a healthy body.